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    Linking Road Market | Mumbai

    Linking Road is a road which extends from Bandra Talkies to Shanti Ashram, Bandra in Mumbai. It is famous for its shopping. Many people come from all over Mumbai, the Thane Dombivali Belt, and Bhiwandi Dombivali belt, and outside to shop on Linking Road. One can find everything from international brands to clever fakes to cheap Chinese goods here. There is a mix of departmental stores, brand outlets, street-side carts and regular shops that sell mainly clothes and accessories. One can also find many restaurants and cafes dotted along the miles long stretch of this road.
    Though its official name has been "Vitthalbhai Patel Marg" for a very long time, everyone in Mumbai still prefers to call it "Linking Road". The original name was Dadabhai Navroji road.
    The road starts from the 5-way cross-roads near the Hindustan Petroleum petrol pump, the roads being S.V. Road, Bandra station road, Perry Cross Road and Linking Road. Around this cross-road are located the HP petrol pump and Bank of Baroda.
    If you continue north along Linking Road, you will pass restaurants like Sheetal Samudra and the Double-Bull jeans shop along with some small furniture-wallahs before coming on another cross-road. This cross-road has the Bharat Petroleum petrol pump. If you turn right at this intersection and go straight, crossing SV Road, you will reach Gaiety, Galaxy cinema. If you turn left, you'll come across an Enfield showroom and Bhargava's music shop (the latter has some of the best music instruments available in the suburbs, past these you reach Waterfield Road where you will have Zenzi and the Gas showroom to your right and Red Box restaurant to your left. Further down to the right, along Waterfield road, South, you will see Seijo restaurant, and beyond that, Perry Cross road.
    Back on Linking Road, past this intersection, heading north, you come upon a larger intersection where RD National college is located. The shopping zone really starts beyond this intersection. The first 50 metres to the left is completely filled with little stalls selling ladies' shoes. Also on the same route are the stores: Scandal being the first on the right, then Metro, Adidas, etc. among many others and clothes shops like Van Heusen.