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    Joggers Park in Bandra – Mumbai

    Bandra Jogger’s park is located at one of the very best locations in west and very much near Otters club Of Bandra. Park is specially made for people who love Jogging, stay fit by walking in a natural climate of beautifully constructed park having birds, plants etc with best of its sea breeze.
    It is covered by sea from 2 sides and has a wide space for jogging of about 200 to 300 meters. Park is also covered with flowers, plants, love birds and other pets in central of Jogging place. With coconut trees planted and nice seating arrangements made to view best of sunset and sweet little voice of sea waves, It also has small amusement park inside for children, with see-saw, swing, slides where they can play.
    One can see people of all age groups like couples, children and senior citizens jogging with Mp3 players and radio on in ears. One of the best attractions of joggers park is its big cage with many colorful love birds and parrots in it. With a small pond having colorful fishes and ducks.In evening one can see a beautiful sun-set view having best of natural air, relaxing and seeing far off the never ending sea and waves.
    The entry fees of joggers park is Rs.1 for childerns and Rs.2 for Adults, It also has water and refreshment facilities.