Colaba Causeway Market in Mumbai

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The Heart of the Mumbai City is the Colaba Causeway Market. Colaba Causeway Market can easily be reached by taking cabs. Its the best way to reach the market. Colaba Causeway Market is also near Bandra and the Hanging Gardens. The location of Colaba Causeway Market makes it near to many popular destinations of Mumbai City like the Elephanta Caves and the Gateway of India. One of the best Markets of Mumbai to shop from and to have a leisure time, its the hot hob of the college goers and the tourists coming from outer stations and worldwide.

Mumbai in itself is a market place. Its one of those cities, which has everything for the common man and know show to please the rich. Its a Quarantine, you throw the dice and you will either be a part of the Market Place called Mumbai or Thrown out of it. Its the way of life of Mumbai. Its Ruthless yet the prettiest of all. A gala place for the entire year, it has the exceptional months of May and June.

Its the best place for the Shoppers, for there isn't a brand which you won't find here. But a word of Caution, there isn't a World Class Brand whose duplicate Brand is not made here. So while you are shopping here, be ready to be on the heels all the time!