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    Classic Game Room - GREEN RING OF LIFE (RROD) review Xbox 360


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Part 2 of 2 of Red Ring of Death review. It's the GREEN RING OF LIFE! Classic Game Room HD reviews the RROD and the repair process for warranty service on a Microsoft Xbox 360! How long does it take to get the Xbox 360 fixes, was it done properly and was their Xbox customer service polite, prompt and effective. CGRHD goes through the Red Ring of Death so you don't have to (although you probably will anyway). CGRHD endures the Xbox 360 repair process... what, my Xbox turned into a Sega Dreamcast!??? Watch exclusive video of Classic Game Room's Xbox 360 being unboxed and amazingly unwrapped from plastic. Unrivaled cinematography captures the excitement of tossing packing material asunder and tearing into the juicy nectar of GREEN RING sweetness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD, IT'S FULL OF GREEN! IT WORKS, IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now who's up for some Atari 2600 Combat? Three years for three red rings, three cheers for three..... is there a beer that rhymes with rings anyone? This is not a failure, it is an Xbox 360 red ring of death review, part 2, for you! Boogaloo!