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    Stella the Chow German Shepherd plays in the snow


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Stella the Wonderdog (the Classic Game Room mascot) plays in the snow on January 18, 2009. She is a mixed breed adopted from the Humane Society and is part chow and part German shepherd. She is all AWESOME. Stella the mutt romps through 4-5 inches of snow, catches and eats snowballs and is cuter than most puppies. Why watch puppies and kittens in a box or shoe when you can see a 65lb excitable monster pooch tear around the yard in snow? Stella likes video games and plays Atari 2600 and Xbox 360 when nobody is looking. Footage of the cutest puppy in all the land! She's cuter than a crate full of puppies sprinkled with cute fairies armed with cute wands. Filmed in HD high definition, see the dog and snow in ultra realistic clarity. Def!