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    Classic Game Room - ONECHANBARA BIKINI ZOMBIE SLAYERS review pt1


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Part 1 of 2: Classic Game Room HD reviews ONECHAMBARA ZOMBIE BIKINI SLAYERS for the Nintendo Wii video game console. Slaying zombie in bikinis has never looked so good (actually it looks like a 2000 Sega Dreamcast game called Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage). Splatter the screen and your enemies with blood as you hack and slash your way through waves of zombies and mutated bird zombie monsters and all kinds of other mayhem. This CGRHD review of Onechanbara Bikini Zombie Slayers has gameplay footage from the video game being played with bikini clad girls wielding katana swords splattering zombies with might. Bikini Zombie Slayers uses the Wii controllers to play the game, you hack 'n slash with the Wiimote and it works rather well. Hack up, thrust, slash and pull of special moves and combos. The game may not be the best looking game out but the controls and gameplay are solid, you can unlock new outfits for the girls and as the packaging says "Hotties against Zombies!". It also says "Bombes Sexy contre Zombies!" and "Tias Buenas contra Zombies!". Wow, even other languages appreciate half naked young ladies in bikinis slaughtering wave after wave of zombies! Hooray for video games! Published by D3 games and available for Nintendo Wii, Bikini Zombie Slayers is goofy, fun and over the top with violence and gore. It's a pretty good time with pretty girls that don't really exist but you probably wish they did, right? Did I mention there is a character in a dirty Japanese schoolgirl costume who hacks and slashes mutated evil zombies too? Classic Game Room reviews all kinds of games with girls in bikinis because we are a bikini girl video game review show reviewing games with girls in bikinis, not a show in bikinis. Slash zombies with swords! Booya!