Classic Game Room - SEGA LIGHT PHASER for Master System


by ClassicGameRoom

Classic Game Room HD reviews SEGA MASTER SYSTEM LIGHT PHASER light gun for the SMS. Play games like Safari Hunt, Gangster Town and Rescue Mission with the Sega Light Phaser! Looking like something straight out of Buck Rogers, Logan Run or Barbarella, this Light Phaser light gun is an awesome accessory to complete your Sega collection of hardware. Lacking the build quality of some other light guns but still having an awesome 70's sci-fi design, the SMS Light Phaser is fun to own and easy to use. Just point at objects on screen, pull the trigger and feel the awesomeness. What kind of TVs will the light gun work with? Works with older CRT television screens but not front or rear project, not plasma and not lcd screens. You need the Wii gun games to use those sets. Classic Game Room HD reviews Sega hardware as a video game hardware and equipment reviewer reviewing accessories, joysticks and light guns.