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    Intro GT Final Bout


    par Yoogle

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    Now see, that was incredibly awesome, why couldn't the US version have this kick-ass theme song in it, hmm? I also love the original Japanese voices(even though the dub was great as well), nothing can compare to the original, especailly as soon as you select them on screen, they'll say there trademark lines and catch phrases. I believe this came out post early Playstation era as a launch title along with Tobal No.1 or something like that(back when video games were still awesome to play and everyone could care less about the 3D graphics). I could go on and on and on, but I think I would sound a lot older than I believe, so in short, I'll conclude by saying...
    thanks for this hardcore video, and for you sharing the memories! Yoogle 4 LIFE!
    Par Gxyz222Il y a 4 ans