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    Large Catnip Toys - 100% Organic Cat Nip


    by businesscha1

    Check out: Looking for the longest Catnip Toy available?Looking for a Cat Toy that will let your cat kick, roll, and bunny kick for hours?
    Proudly handcrafted in the USA. The longest Cat Nip Toy purfect for your Cat! Your cat will love the soft cotton fabric, stuffed with 100% Organic CatNip, mixed with bells to give your cat hours of enjoyment. Four custom fabrics available for your cat to squeeze, role, and 'bunny-kick'.
    The Kitty Kick Stix is 15" long, giving your feline the ability to kick and cuddle while playing. A great healthy treat for your kitty, The Kitty Kick Stix! View our happy kitties in the video above and see why they LOVE the Kitty Kick Stix.
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