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Classic Game Room - DOUBLE DRAGON for Sega Master System review


by ClassicGameRoom

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Classic Game Room HD reviews DOUBLE DRAGON for the Sega Master System from 1988. This Double Dragon review shows gameplay and footage from this game which is better known on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES version of Double Dragon, which will be reviewed in a different review from this reviewer, will show the differences between the Sega Double Dragon and the Nintendo Double Dragon. Doubel Dragon was released for the arcade in 1987 in Japan and is regarded as one of the first 2D side scrolling beat em up video games. The Sega version is a 2 player co-op game like Streets of Rage. Walk along and punch bad guys with that 1980s arcade style, use clubs, bats and whips to beat them into a bloody mess. Double Dragon represents that two dimensional violent street fighting kind of game that has vanished in recent years. Released by Technos for the Sega in 1988 this is one of the worst versions of Double Dragon out there and is probably not worth your money. There are better games on the Sega Master System like Shinobi, Space Harrier and Zillion. Double Dragon should be played on Xbox Live Arcade, the NES or on a stand up arcade machine.