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Comment Vaincre Le Nouvel Ordre Mondial ?

il y a 6 ans945 views

How to Defeat The New World Order
Comment Vaincre Le Nouvel Ordre Mondial

free your money

Over the centuries, a conscienceless cabal of bankers and European royalty have enslaved the world’s nations and citizens in a never ending cycle of wars and debt. Their goal is one world government. Their strategy is to make you and your nation dependent on them for your survival.

This Grace Powers Action Series shows you what you can do to free yourself from the stranglehold of the illuminati families who rule from the shadows. The solution is to become independent of them. Find out how.

1. Invest Wisely
2. Control Your Own Money
3. What Is Smart Money?
4. Take Back Retirement Money
5. Avoid Taxes
6. Barter and Trade

Resist the new world order

Refuse to recognize the illegitimate privatization claims of the illuminati crime families. Their claims to public property were acquired without public knowledge or consent. Refuse to obey unjust laws that have been passed by government insiders to disempower you and your nation.

The success of the illuminati crime families and their New World Order agenda depends on your obedience of the unfair laws that your nation’s puppet politicians have been quietly passing without public consent.

1. Disobey Unjust Laws
2. Stop Donating
3. Refuse The Chip
4. Refuse Vaccines
5. Stop Voting
6. Stop Supporting The Troops

Free your mind

1. Discover Your Power
2. Choose Your Thoughts
3. Overcome Your Fears
4. Deprogram Yourself I
5. Deprogram Yourself II
6. Choose A New Identity

Defeat the new world order

1. Outsmart The Banksters
2. Educate Others
3. Learn Survival Skills
4. Be A Hero
5. Expose The Ruling Families
6. Arrest The Ruling Families