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    Mahatma Gandhi was the Father of Nation. His teaching and Philosophy was known all over the world. There are lots of Museum present in several states of India such as National Gandhi Museum at Delhi, Mani Bhavan at Mumbai and many others. Gandhi Sangrahalaya in Patna is one of the oldest museum which was established in the year of 1967. Earlier it was known as Gandhi Smriti Sanghrahalya. This is one of the few institutions which was established by the authorities of the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi. Now the government of India and state government both gives regular financial assistance for this memorable museum.You will find lots of photographs and literature illustrating about his life and activities. In this historic place, you will also find a charkha which is a spinning wheel and was used by Mahatma Gandhi. Lots of people from Bihar as well as around the world visit Gandhi Sangrahalaya to know about the father of Nation. On each Sunday, several programs are held including recitation of bhajans and prayers. Many people visit Gandhi Sangrahalaya on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi death anniversary which is also known as martyr's day. The CM of Bihar has also announced to help the center in implementing its various projects.