Granny Cheerleader Auditions for Dallas Cowboys

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High kicks and splits are not things you usually see grandmothers doing — especially not in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume, but that's not stopping Sharon Simmons. Simmons, 55, has decided to pursue her dream of becoming a cheerleader for "America's Team." She traveled to Dallas from Carrollton, Texas to audition with hundreds of other aspiring Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

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While in her early 20s Simmons almost tried out for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad, but her dreams were put on hold when she had a daughter. Now, more than 30 years later, Simmons is once again pursuing her goal of becoming a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. If she makes the cut, she will be the oldest NFL cheerleader, but not the first grandmother to become an NFL cheerleader.

Susie Sanchez, a 37-year-old cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders, made the cut in 2011, becoming the first NFL cheerleader with a grandchild. Laura Vikmanis of the Cincinnati Bengals is currently the oldest NFL cheerleader at age 42.

Simmons is not only the oldest person at the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders audition, she also possesses an impressive resume. Simmons is a commercial realtor, fitness competitor, author and actress. "With me, it has been about the journey. It literally has been about the journey," Simmons told Dallas Morning News.