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    it sounds like music....

    Allon Beausoleil was born deaf and with teeth.
    After a series of operations allon regained his hearing, opening him to a world of sound.

    Currently based in Tokyo and hailing from Portland, Oregon, his musical career was set in motion at the age of 10 when he heard Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" album during a family trip.
    As the dynamics of the songs rose and fell it left him in tears and with a clear vision of his future he swore to himself, “That’s what I’m going to do”.

    His sweet voice, semi-sarcastic lyrics, combination of electronics with traditional instruments and intimate understanding of the production process creates music that is thoroughly modern, yet underpinned by a sense of nostalgia that stirs emotions.

    On his new full length album “Prince Charming of Darkness” allon explores the lines between pop, folk and experimentalism as he persists in his journey of sonic discovery.