Steppenwolf - The Pusher


by DwightFrye

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Richard Domenchello
This is dubbed over... would love to hear the original soundtrack to this video. Nevertheless awesome soundtrack!!! .................#3 humbuckers!
Do you guys remember playing Long Beach State University in the early 60's with a band called HP Lovecraft? Was that 1968 or 69? You guys did a lot of your early stuff. I was there in the auditorium and it was very special and I recalll every minute and you guys had a great sound. Clif
By clifalan6 years ago
I heard this song in the "live" at Matrix,1967...I was 8...This version and the guitar solo is for me one of the most beatiful intro of rock'n roll story....then i became a junky...and a dealer,not a pusher....from 16 to i'm still alive ha ha and in a good health!!!!Thank you boys,you saved my life...and my integrity...hello from a french-steppenwolf addict,from Paris.Byyyeee
By alain8 years ago
john arbuckle
oh ya am just kiding, im not in the band im the manager
By john arbuckle9 years ago
john arbuckle
i love myself but although, i love the world and peace
By john arbuckle9 years ago
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