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    Bandages That Dissolve into Human Body

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    by Geo Beats

    Bandages That Dissolve into Human Body - as part of the news and politics series by GeoBeats.

    Adhesive bandages serve a useful purpose but no one likes to deal with the pain of taking them off.

    Those days may soon be over if Pennsylvania State University's researchers have their way.

    According to Popular Science, the research at Penn State indicates that if bandages are created using starch fibers, they can simply dissolve into your skin without having the need to take them off at all.

    Physorg notes that the researchers turned starch into fluid by applying a solvent and then subsequently created fiber strands.

    The resulting material over time can turn into glucose, which is absorbed by a human body.

    This technology could be used to create other environmental friendly products like biodegradable paper towels and toilet paper.

    Billions of adhesive bandages are made every year. According to Frost & Sullivan, about 60-70% of the adhesive bandages are used by children so any alternative that offers a less painful approach will be able to make a significant impact. Currently, bandages do come in many different colors and themes to make them fun to use but that still doesn't address the sting of taking them off.

    There are also liquid bandages which can cover the wound and keep bacteria away.