Classic Game Room - SEGA GENESIS 6-BUTTON MK-1470 CONTROLLER review


by ClassicGameRoom

Classic Game Room HD reviews the SEGA GENESIS 6-BUTTON MK-1470 CONTROLLER for Sega Genesis and Sega 32x. This is a smaller controller than the OEM, stock Sega Genesis 3-button controller. The MK-1470 has grey buttons, the A, B and C buttons are slightly larger than normal. Controller also has a turbo and slow switch as well as a mode button. This is an excellent piece of Sega hardware for fighting games and games for the Sega 32x and Sega CD where 6 buttons are required. Works for Sega Mega Drive, Megadrive, 32x, Sega CD, Mega CD, etc... also works for Atari 2600