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    China in a Minute May 7, 2012


    by NTDTelevision

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    Hi, this is Chris Chappell. Today in China:

    Friend of Chen Guangcheng and fellow activist, He Peirong revealed details about how the rights activist escaped from house arrest, before she was able to drive him the rest of the way to the US embassy in Beijing.

    New police stations are being set up in hospitals throughout China, following a series of doctor-patient spats that turned violent.

    In South Korea, efforts are being stepped up to stamp out the illegal smuggling of a type of pill billed as a performance enhancer. The pills allegedly come from northern China and have a very unique ingredient -- powdered human flesh.

    According to a new study by China's education Ministry, 85% of university students suffer myopia, or short-sightedness.

    And Lionsgate Entertainment is bringing the Hunger Games to eager moviegoers in China. The film has already grossed over 600 million dollars worldwide.

    That's China in a minute. Thanks for watching.