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    Classic Game Room - Wii NUNCHUK review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    CGRHD does what Nintendidn't do in the first place. Classic Game Room HD reviews the Wii NUNCHUK for use with the Nintendo Wii video game system and Wiimote wii remote controller. Be like a ninja when you play driving games, Metroid or whatever with this Nunchaku based controller called the nunchuck. Is it an awesome accessory or just an awesome way for Nintendo to relieve you of your greenbacks? Classic Game Room reviews Wii accessories, controllers, hardware and add-ons like the Wii Nunchuck showing video footage of it in action and how it is not as effective for attacking ninjas as a real nunchuck. We demand the Wii morningstar! Bring it! Bring the medieval pain! CGRHD is the ultimate Wee Wii reviewer screaming Weeeee while playing Wii with Wii controllers and Wii accessories whilst 'illin. What games work with the Wii nunchuck? There are lots of fighting games and boxing games and action games and Mario games that use the Nunchuck controller.