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    Classic Game Room - ARKANOID: DOH IT AGAIN for SNES


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews ARKANOID: DOH IT AGAIN for the Super Nintendo SNES video game console! Released by Taito in 1997 this sequel to Arkanoid is superb and compliments the original 1986 Arkanoid arcade stand up machine well. It is the future and the Vaus space ship is fighting Doh again, this time on the Super Nintendo. Watch the review for Arkanoid gameplay and footage and learn about this exciting and affordable game cartridge that is perfect for fans of old school retro video games like Breakout and Super Breakout. There is no spinner or analog control in this Arkanoid version, instead use you the SNES controller with clever controls to command the Vaus "game paddle" thing to bounce the ball back at rows of colored blocks. Classic Game Room delivers SNES reviews and is a Super Nintendo reviewer as well as NES, Sega, Atari, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.