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    Cérémonie d'ouverture GHF 2012 - B. Gruson

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    About the Geneva Health Forum 2012
    A Critical Shift to Chronic Conditions : Learning from the Frontliners
    Geneva Health Forum organizes its fourth edition from 18 – 20 April 2012, to be held in the International Conference Centre in Geneva, Switzerland.
    Theme of the conference is chronic conditions, which covers the entire range of conditions such as cancer, HIV/Aids, TB, Hepatitis, cardio-vascular diseases, etc. Chronic conditions pose major challenges to health systems in high and low-incomes countries, in stable or emergency situations. We are seeing a rapid shift of global health policy focus to chronic diseases. However in this rush, critical discussions are being jumped over. As chronic diseases are influenced by socio-economic factors, like economic development, life-style, urbanization, climate change, but also level of education and gender inequalities, a multi-sectorial approach is needed. Geneva Health Forum 2012 provides this multi-sectorial approach.

    More than 1’000 participants from over 65 countries come to Geneva…to read more, click here: About GHF 2012 Conference