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    Classic Game Room - COOKING MAMA 3 for DS review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Tattoo Classic Game Room HD reviews COOKING MAMA 3 for Nintendo DS. Cooking Mama is one bad-ass... don't y'nz say that!. Ohhh yeah, cooking sushi, squid and Korean BBQ, Cookin' Mama got it goin' on. This ain't Sears Roebuck (edit)! This is Cooking Mama and she be throwin' down the hottest dishes this side of your Nintendo DS. From Majesco, Cooking Mama 3 Shop and Chop has traditional Nintendo DS stylus based gameplay where players cook dishes and play numerous mini games. This CGR review of Cooking Mama 3 has gameplay from Cooking Mama 3 on Nintendo DS showing Cooking Mama 3 game play in action in HD. Can Mama Cook? You know it. Cooking Mama is a family game for all ages that teaches younglings how to cook, fry shrimp and prepare squid for sushi.