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    Classic Game Room - NEO-GEO CD console review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews the SNK NEO-GEO CD from 1994. This CD version of the amazing Neo-Geo AES plays many of the same games in CD form. Plagued by awful loading times thanks to the 1x speed CD drive in the game system, the NeoGeo CD is the least popular Neo Geo out there but CGR thinks it is a good buy for those looking for SNK games and Japanese release for a better price. The Neo Geo CD has no region encoding and will play Japan region Japanese Neo Geo video games (I've only tested with an NTSC Neo Geo CD). The Neo Geo CD has composite video, S-Video and stereo audio. Plays audio CDs. Neo Geo CD consoles can be had for a fraction of the price that the Neo Geo AES and Neo-Geo MVS sell for. Games are usually much less money as well. This CGR review of the Neo Geo CD shows the game console in HD with numerous NeoGeo CD games.