League of legends Hack 2012 (free 50000 RP and 30000 IP) works 100%

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This is the privat link witch gives you free 50000 RP and 30000 IP on an account you want !! All you have to do is put some effort in it, but I promise it's worth it ,! Its totally free !!!


1) You have to sign up on this privat link: http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4e7f4e72ea68a174720761
2)Make a new account and level it up to level 5
3)Restart LoL and enjoy your free RP and IP !
Tip: The fastest way to level to 5 is : make a battle training , then play with bots ( custom game ) it takes about 4-5 custom games wins to take to level 5.
If you don't get your (RP-IP) make sure you fulfilled all these conditions
- Registered trough link in description
- Level up at least to level 10
- Restarted your LoL client

All this can be EASILY done for an 1-3 HOUR ! But the reward is very very worth it...

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