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    Gauri - 1968 - Full Movie In 15 Mins - Sanjeev Kumar - Nutan - Sunil Dutt

    Gauri (Nutan) is the only daughter of a Wealthy businessman Ram Prasad (Shivraj). He wants to get his daughter married but cannot find a groom as Gauri is visually impaired. Greedy Maniram (Om Prakash) convinces his nephew Sanjeev (Sanjeev Kumar) to marry Gauri for the dowry without telling him about her disability. When Sanjeev finds out the truth he leaves Gauri. Sanjeev’s friend Sunil (Sunil Dutt) convinces him to return back to his wife. Meanwhile Gauri is operated and she regains her eyesight. While returning home an unfortunate incident leads to the death of Sanjeev. The doctor advises not to reveal the news of her husband’s death as it could prove fatal. In order to save Gauri, Sunil decides to act as Sanjeev. See what happens next? For Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at Join us on Facebook at Follow us at!/BollyFilmVideos