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    The Observation Problem 2/3: "Thinking about Thinking"

    Dimitri Halley

    by Dimitri Halley

    Also will be elaborated on how social intervention policy and psycho-social care services can respond with compassion (as an intervention method) to clients and social problems on the different levels of society. Core-concepts to approach love and compassion will be consciousness, systemic, critical and paradoxical thinking. A paradoxical and critical understanding of love will be one of the main objectives of the module.The module offers a practical approach toward applying compassion and unconditional regard in modern societies, family and relations. Finally, the video elaborates on what it is that blocks us from the practice and experience of love, intimacy and compassion as care-givers, Institutions, individuals, families, groups and whole societies.
    The language spoken is Papiamento and Dutch with English subtitles.