Youtube/user/chazaqkabad was terminated but why? What happened to free speech?

KhazaqYah Ben Yisrael

by KhazaqYah Ben Yisrael



One of the people who flagged you was a Youtuber name Tricey4Christ . You commented on one of her sick videos posting photos of my wife on her page. In her comments she said she was going to do the same thing to you.

She also flagged my channels along with others who hate Israelites. If you try to go to her Youtube channels she put them into invisible mode cause she guilty.
By RINGO4LIFE3 years ago
Also, there is nothing you could do to get your account back. Terms of Use violations are the worst and at the end of the day Youtube never investigate this stuff. Its all done by an automated system.

I'm on Facebook at RINGOTVHD2 and all my videos are being uploaded to Dailymotion, skytube2 and Metacafe.

Remember a while go I contacted you about backing up your subs, and other information.

You must understand that we as Israelites are being targeted by Youtube with the help of anti-hebrew folk informing on us through the flagging of our videos. So again, no Hebrew flagged you. Its all being done by our ememies and Youtube Anti-hebrew police.
By RINGO4LIFE3 years ago
Shalom Elder chazaqkabad,

Welcome to the club of terminated accounts. Your account wasn't flagged by hebrew brothers, but rather christians & Youtube Robots.

Consider this. Your accounts, 3 of my accounts and 5 of the GOCC (Gathering of Christ Church) accounts and many other brothers accounts was all terminated all in the same week.
By RINGO4LIFE3 years ago