Gravitation OVA 1 Sneak Preview


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Preview to first OVA episode of anime "Gravitation".

P.S. Sorry about quality.

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=OO Graviitation!!! on peut diire ke twàà àùssii t'àiime biieen leeii màngàs :DD mwàà j'àdoooooooooor' !! xDD
Przez P4ul_iiinex3 5 lat temu
yes but the blond guy transforms into a real cat(small, cute and grey) so that's what i ment.....tnx 4 the all the anime the girls have like a 1000 boys after them and most of them are realy cute and good looking but she can only chouse one so it's too bad......i wish i had that many fans .......oh, wouldn't i be a happy,happy person..... ;)
Przez i forgot... 7 lat temu
I didn't watch "Tokio Mew Mew" to the end, but according to my informations:
-"blond boy" is not any kind of cat - only girls transformate gathering abilitis of their patron animal;
-I don't remember, but I think she is 14 years old or something like that;
-she like the best boy from her school,I think.
Przez Patrycja 7 lat temu
oh, now i old is she and he and who does she(from all those guys that like her) realy like.....a bit stupid question but it doesn't say anithing about it on animenewsnetwork at all.......sorry to trouble u......answer when ever u can.....
Przez i forgot... 7 lat temu
yeah, the quality is a bit bad but never mind......tnx 4 this....and the other one too......i just have a little question......the girl ichigo from tokyo mew mew is the pink cat and the blond boy.....what's his another forgot what the question was about......silly, silly me......mew mew
Przez i forgot... 7 lat temu

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Gravitation OVA 1 Sneak Preview