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    Aches Trailer Estrangereality

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    Although the gap between what can go into a comic book (on what I'm working now) and what can go on a movie screen is narrowing, the gap between what I think can be put in a comic book and what a producer can put in a movie sadly isn't.

    I think, this is good film source; this novel is dense for a movie, and it play with context, rhythm, and above all, the extended narrative diversions into the past, present, and future. The lines that the characters actually speak are easiest part to get across on film. The tech could made the story even better in a film adaptation.

    MERCENARY or VAMPIRE ? When an explosion release unspeakable... it leave us wonder if he is the PROTECTOR of a secret ? OR only VICTIM? He must uncover the thruth. Secrets hidden, cospirations in the army, genetical manipulations, all could cost him his future. But not only to him...