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    Finding The Funny Movie Preview


    by barnhartjr

    Finding The Funny, the new documentary film directed by John Bizarre and stars award-winning comedian Don Barnhart, explores the process of becoming a comedian and whether it must always be an organic and accidental affair or if one can actually teach a person to be funny.

    The film is the first collaboration between director John Bizarre and comedian Don Barnhart. It's a behind-the-scenes look at the process involved in supplying students with the tools they will need before they walk out onto the stage for the first time.

    The film follows a group of students taking Barnhart's comedy class in Las Vegas as they work on material, technique and style leading to a final showcase in front of a live Las Vegas crowd. If you have ever wondered what it takes to stand in the spotlight and try to make a group of strangers laugh, this is the film for you.

    In addition to following the comedy class, the film features interviews with Brad Garrett, Louie Anderson, Marty Allen, Wendy Leibman, Andy Kindler and many other comedians, both famous and not so famous, who share their thoughts on the arduous task of becoming a stand-up.