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    Roger Gracie vs Ron Waterman


    torihada より

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    waterman was so much bigger lol
    ユーザー名 mirko9 年前
    did dj screw mix this clip???
    ユーザー名 ldog2479 年前
    sound is slowmo. this happined in my home town of vancouver and i heard the show was horrible and 1000pple showed up,but there were good fights
    ユーザー名 snow39 年前
    gracie is gonna have problems when he comes up against a guy with good takedown defence who can strike, i dont think he is well rounded at all and everyone who knows mma knows you cant rely upon jui jitsu alone
    ユーザー名 glenn9 年前
    Colargol Ours
    Waterman's style is so horribly boring. Incredible. Thank god Roger put an end to this relatively quickly.
    thx for putting this up torihada!
    ユーザー名 Colargol Ours9 年前