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    5. Series 1 Part 4 [Personalities 1 - Understanding the Yamani, al Mahdi and al Muttaqeen]

    أنيس غني

    by أنيس غني

    The series to study the works of Syed Ahmad al Hasan (known as 'al Yamani') from Basra in Iraq continues.

    The material within this video is taken from his book entitled al Mutashabihat (the Allegories) and focusses on the noble personalities of the Prophet Muhammad's household: the Yamani, the Mahdi and it compares and contrasts with us mere average people.

    I am hoping that this effort will enable a better understanding of the Yamani's work amongst the mainstream the various sects within the Muslim world after observing a tendency not to research properly and to jump to conclusions.

    This is not meant for commercial purposes but solely for educational and research purposes and to spread the true teachings of the household of the Prophet Muhammad.

    You can find out more about this book by visiting the website of the Syed's Ansar here: (accessed 24th Feb 2012)

    The recital of the Qur'an within this video is freely available within the public domain.