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    EK voetbal 2012 met Strik


    door Freshpaintnl

    Fresh Paint ( freshpaint @ ) - © Strik Aaf Marein Productie

    English lyrics:
    He loves sitting in the stadium,
    looking at the dutch team,
    On that beautiful grass lawn,
    oh they can win.
    Strik cheers,
    and now knows for sure,
    Skip the qualifying rounds,
    Come on up with that cup!
    The country turns orange,
    They are now going to prove
    Spraying with champagne,
    By that pass from Mathijsen.

    It is a football-playing cat, and his name is Strik
    Every football match gives him a kick.
    During the match Strik has got his mind on
    The goal, the winning goal, the final goal!

    Playing football without hatred and envy,
    You do it together.
    As good friends in battle,
    A nice game of 'ball.
    With Strik along the sideline,
    on the steps after the final,
    The victory is nice,
    We are going to get that title!
    Strik knows it for sure,
    The game is now finished,
    We're going home with the cup
    By a shot of Huntelaar.