Ruthless Propaganda Presents "Ruthless Memories: Preserving the Life & Legacy of Eric Wright" starring Eazy-E

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Eric "Eazy-E" Wright forever changed music & popular culture. "Ruthless Memories" is a real look into the life & personality of history's most ground-breaking, innovative, gangster rapper. This film eternally captures in-depth, personal thoughts & feelings from the people who were part of Eazy-E's daily life.
Learn about Eric's personality from people who knew him before NWA & the rise of his Ruthless Records empire. Hear the details regarding the break- up of the world's most dangerous group NWA. Find out just how real & dangerous the Death Row Records / Ruthless Records beef really was.
We will also get the breakdown on the last days of Eazy-E & look into some of the conspiracy
theories & rumors regarding his tragic death.
"Ruthless Memories" is a raw, uncensored, film created to preserve the facts & memories
of Eric Wright.
Directed by Sergio Hernandez & edited by David Alejandro.
Premieres December 21st, 2012.
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