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    Cardboard CD Packaging - An Overview

    Jung Le

    by Jung Le


    With advances in digital printing, the cost of cardboard packaging for CDS and DVDs has reached a level where most everyone can consider it even for runs as low as 100 pieces. And despite it being paper, it goes through a manufacturing process that takes more time than most people expect.

    When paper requires something other than a straight edge cut, a die that is shaped to the same shape as the cut is required once printing is complete. Like a printing press that prints one sheet at a time, a die press cuts and scores a press sheet one at a time. The heavier the paper the more things like scores are needed so that folding edges over and gluing tabs can be completed. It becomes a manufactured piece itself much like a disc. Any time there is custom printing or where images print to the edges - this process is being used. cardboard printing, die cut printing, cd packaging, dvd packaging, cardboard sleeves, cardboard wallets, cardboard mailers, digipaks