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    Classic Game Room - REFURBISHED ATARI 5200 CONTROLLER review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews a REFURBISHED ATARI 5200 CONTROLLER for the Atari 5200 game system. This Atari 5200 refurb controller has been rebuilt with new rubber, electronics, buttons and still sucks. It just sucks less than a non-functional Atari 5200 controller. Regarded as one of the worst game controllers ever created, the dreaded Atari 5200 joystick / keypad controller suffers from numerous problems. Deteriorating components, sticking buttons and off-center joysticks are common after about 30 years. They are expensive to replace with a good aftermarket controller like a Wico, and it's nearly impossible to find an original controller that isn't broken. The best, most affordable option to find a working Atari 5200 controller is to pick a refurb Atari 5200 controller up from eBay. This CGR review shows a refurbished Atari 5200 controller with new buttons and components. It still has that new controller smell!