Classic Game Room - ATARI 2600 PRO-LINE TRAK-BALL review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews the ATARI 2600 PRO-LINE TRAK-BALL for Atari 2600 and Atari 7800. This track ball for Atari is hardly the best trackball out there because the 2600 and 7800 do not support real analog trackballs. However it does a fairly good job simulating a track ball and adds a bit of that arcade-feel to games like Missile Command and Centipede. The Atari 2600 Pro-Line Trak-Ball is the Pro Line Trak Ball for professionals! Are you a professional Atari player? We all are. I found the trak-ball works better with the Atari 7800 but it may just be the units that I own. The Atari 2600 pro-line track-ball can be found online for an affordable price and makes a nice addition to any Atari 2600 collection. This review features an Atari 2600 Pro-Line Trak-Ball manufactured in El Pase Texas, in the US of A!!