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    Britain's Biggest Warship Sails Into London For Olympics


    by NTDTelevision

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    Britain's biggest warship has sailed up the River Thames for worst-case scenario Olympics security exercises. HMS Ocean will be the platform for air security operations and maritime manoeuvres during the Olympic games in London.

    The rare sight of Britain's biggest warship, HMS Ocean, greeted Londoners on Friday as the helicopter carrier made her way up the River Thames.

    The giant ship is being berthed at historic Greenwich, close to the Olympic Park, for an intensive week of security testing ahead of the Olympic Games.

    Lynx and Sea King helicopters, along with Typhoon fighter jets, Royal Marine commandos and a sophisticated missile system are all being deployed and tested throughout the capital in the coming week.

    This is all part of a "worst-case scenario" security drill, for all arms of the military and the Metropolitan police.

    General Nick Parker, the military's head coordinator for the Games, discusses the impact of their presence:

    [General Nick Parker, Military's Head Coordinator for the Olympic Games]:
    "This is all about an Olympic Games which is about games, sport and fun and we've got to be really careful that our behaviours don't in any way impact on this. So we need to do this exercise well in advance of the Olympics, so that we test all our systems and then we can fade into the background, ready to react in the unlikely event of the situation occurring when we have to."

    HMS Ocean will act as a platform for air security operations, maritime manoeuvres and be home to some 500 troops who will be on 24/7 active duty during the Games.