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    History of World War II: The Camps


    by WatchMojo

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    Andrew Stolte
    In 1994, The Swiss Red Cross was allowed to examine more than 700, 000 Auschwitz documents in German, Polish and Russian archives. Their verdict: as many as 70 000 - 100 000 persons died in Auschwitz, of whom no more than 30 000 were Jewish. The majority died from disease (typhus claimed more than 30 000), malnutrition, and overwork. The Soviets originally claimed 8 million Jews had died there, then revised the figure to 6 million, then 4 million. The camp was razed when the Soviets captured it in 1945, but from the official documents (blueprints, etc.,...) and wartime aerial reconnaissance, we know that the camp that stands today, in no way resembles the real Auschwitz. If you go to Auschwitz now, you will visit a fake camp that the Soviets built (and where they killed an estimated 2.5 million political prisoners). The Allies killed over 2 million German POWs AFTER the war, under conditions which would make a concentration camp look like Club Med.
    By Andrew Stolte4 years ago