PLAYLIST series 2, episode 6 - part 2

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Explore the underground world of Middle Eastern hardcore rock and heavy metal, a scene thriving in bedrooms and basements away from the periodic condemnations of governments and religious rulers. Metal music has been trickling into countries like Jordan, Iran and Lebanon from the West since the late 1980s, when bands like Metallica and Black Sabbath introduced power chords to the Middle East. By the 1990s the voices of authority tried to stem the musical tide in a series of Satanic Metal crackdowns that saw, in some cases, metal fans imprisoned and the music banned. But the metal movement has survived that and is still growing, finding fans amongst Middle Eastern youth who are searching for music that speaks to their experience. This is the story of heavy metal and Ithe Middle East. Featuring Nervecell, Bilocate, Betzefer, Orphaned Land, Oath to Vanquish and TarantisT.