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    VIDEO: Sales, Profit, Consumer Cost Impacts of New 54.5 MPG Standards

    3BL Media

    by 3BL Media

    (3BL Media) New York, NY – May 2, 2012 – A new video explains the profits, sales and consumer cost impacts of the proposed 54.5-MPG federal fuel economy standards, which are set to be finalized this summer. Under the proposed standards, the average new vehicle in 2025 will achieve roughly twice the fuel economy than the average vehicle on sale today.

    In the new video, top automotive experts explain:

    Why the automotive industry will likely earn an extra $4.76 billion in 2020 under the standards and see a four percent uptick in sales
    Why American automakers will likely enjoy the biggest percentage increase in profits (six percent), pulling in an extra $2.44 billion dollars in 2020 under the standards
    How the standards will impact consumers
    What technologies will be used to meet the standards

    These findings are contained in a new report, “Fuel Economy Focus: Perspectives on 2020 Industry Implications” - produced by Citi Investment Research in partnershi