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    Inside Story - Confessions of guilt? - December 3, 2008 - part 1

    Al Jazeera English

    by Al Jazeera English

    President George W. Bush admitted in an interview with US network ABC on Monday that "The biggest regret of all the presidency has to have been the intelligence failure in Iraq."

    The intelligence failure he was referring to was the faulty evidence that accused Saddam Hussein's regime of possessing weapons of mass destruction, an accusation that was used as the official reason for the US administration's invasion of Iraq back in 2003.

    The admission comes a bit late: the invasion left more than half a million Iraqis killed and over 4000 American soldiers. And he spend $40 billion on home land security. But President Bush says he will leave the presidency with his head held high.

    In the interview he talked about the highs and lows of his eight years in office.
    And he acknowledged what the rest of the world already has taken for granted for quite some time: That he may have been unprepared for what happened under his rule.

    In this edition of Inside Story we ask if Bush's statements reflect any feelings of guilt and if he can be held accountable for launching a war under a false pretext?