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    Showstar started playing together ten years ago in a small garage somewhere in Belgium. They signed to Huy-based label Anorak Supersport and their first album, We Are Ready, was highly acclaimed as regular touring built up a dedicated following in northern Europe. Singles followed - Little Bastard, Out Of My Head, I’m Back, Baby Blue Eyes and Leave Me Alone – as the band honed and hardened up their sound.
    Their new album is ‘Dot’, released in the UK on Summerhouse Records on 8 June 2007. The music is classic hard-edged pop with bittersweet vocals, scything guitars and glorious melodies. It is guitar-based music with a wholly fresh sound, moving between the massively joyous noise of songs like Mad On Your Sister and Day By Day and intricate, delicate guitar, keyboard and percussion patterns on tracks like Dan and Stereo Songs.