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    Aayush Juneja
    Quality Poor to fair
    I have been there 4 times and therefore am in a position to write a review for this. Firstly I would to highlight the following points about the pool: 1. Pool is generally dirty (Cleaned once a week and water changed once in 3 days) 2. The basic amenities like washroom and all are unclean. 3. The locker facility is useless as a guy there had lost his swimming goggles from the locker. 4. The staff is highly unfriendly and rude (including the owner) 5. Not at all safe for girls Now i ll give a detailed explanation for my review: The pool is cleaned once a week and water changed once in 3 days (by this one can guess the hygiene and cleanliness of the pool). Its Rs. 40/day plus Rs. 5 parking which is not a big amount and therefore one can consider going there and so did I. The first time the pool was clean as it was a monday and the pool had been cleaned the very same day. The next 3 times i visited, the water was really dirty with mosquitoes and other insects floating in the water. Twice i paid Rs. 40 inspite of the fact that the pool was dirty. The third time when i objected to making payment (which was just today), the owner of the pool started shouting and demanded the money. He even threatened that he wouldnt let me go if I didnt pay the amount (Rs. 40). (He had my car keys which i had deposited with him instead of keeping in the locker knowing the safety level of the locker from the experiences of the other) He even called 4 of his men.(mind you for Rs. 40) I told him that I had been coming for days and would be continuing to come for the next one month as well, however that did not seem to calm him down and he continued shouting and demanding the money. I paid the money and just came (as it was a menial amount of Rs. 40). So you can decide for yourself whether you would like to go to such a place or not. Hope it helps.
    By Aayush Juneja3 years ago