Transformers- Search For The Matrix

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by Chris

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The four robots who mysteriously appear do battle with the Deceptcons, who happen to be Headmasters as well. Wipe tries to put Brainstorm to sleep, but a blast from Chromedome saves him. Optimus Prime is in serious jeopardy from Galvatron until Hot Rod appears and saves him. A fierce battle rages between the Autobot and Decepticon gestalts, until Fortress' ship shows up and sends the Decepticons running. Cerebros appears from inside the base and Kup recognizes him as an old friend. Cerebros then explains to the Autobots the origins of the Headmasters -- how they had created the bodies for themselves on the planet Master. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime heads toward Vector Sigma when he suddenly is aided by the appearance of the ghost of Alpha Trion. Blaster gives Wheelie a tape of his for some unknown reason as he heads back to Earth with Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus. As they enter the base, Blaster spots Ratbat and sends Steeljaw after him. It turns into a tape free-for-all as Soundwave appears. At the Decepticon earth headquarters, Sixshot sends the Stunticons to take out the Aerialbots as Hot Rod and Blaster search for the Decepticon base. Suddenly, the Predacons appear out of nowhere and attack, but are prevented from merging by Hot Rod crashing into them. Menasor appears to take care of Hot Rod, but then Superion shows up to stop him. Soundwave then shows up, and engages in a battle to the death with Blaster. The Decepticon tapes are seen carrying away Soundwave's parts while Wheelie plays Blaster's tape, which turns out to be some beautiful music that he had been working on.


what song did you use chat with me! !
By mdsiddik 4 years ago
this was pretty good i bought this off of ebay sometime ago along with masterforce and victory, victory was awesome. anyways optimus dies (again) ultra magnus dies, galvatron dies, and cybertron gets destroyed among other things. this was done in japan taking place after the return of optimus prime so that "the rebirth" never happened.
By lordhogan 6 years ago
By jas-qtr 7 years ago
Man, I wish they dub it for cartoon network, it would be awesome!!
By Gundam372 7 years ago
loved it, gonna rip it for my nephew
By Sandra 7 years ago
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