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    Divers Explore Ancient Underwater City


    by NTDTelevision

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    Some 90 feet below the surface of Qiandao Lake—located in China's far eastern Zhejiang province—divers are busy exploring the underwater remains of an ancient city.

    The city was called Shicheng—or "Lion City"—so named because of the ornate lion statues that guard its entrance. This dive and exploration focused on the city's western gate and an area that used to house a school.

    Footage taken by the dive team shows that these stone lions have weathered fairly well in their underwater abode, with the ornate carvings that decorate the lions' bodies still clearly etched. The metal bars that you see could have been left by antiquities thieves, who may have unsuccessfully attempted to drag the stone lions to the surface.

    Shicheng was built during the Eastern Han Dynasty, which ran from 25 to 220 A.D. It met its watery end in 1959, when flooding related to a hydroelectric project left it at the bottom of Qiandao Lake.