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    Window Repair or Window Replacement: Foggy windows fix?


    by windowrepair83

    When the moisture in glass has been there for a long period of time, the moisture turns from a gas into a liquid. It condenses on the window glass surfaces between the panes and leaves deposits on the glass. As these deposits sit there, they become embedded into the pores of the window glass, and cannot be removed with cleaning solutions. Having gone through so many freezing cycles, the window glass often separates from the spacer, allowing more moisture into the space than our valves can disperse. When that much damage occurs to the window’s glass, it’s challenging to cure the problem with a cleaning process. Glass replacement then becomes the best option. There’s no cure time with glass replacement; the view is restored immediately. By replacing the window’s glass only, and not the entire frame of the window, it is possible for you to save money. Plus, from an environmentally friendly perspective, the window frames and materials are kept out of the landfills. Call 314.966.2666.