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    Classic Game Room - SEGA GENESIS VECTREX CONTROLLER review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews the SEGA GENESIS VECTREX CONTROLLER, a Sega Genesis controller modified to play on the GCE Vectrex arcade system! This hardware review features a modded Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) controller that fits into the Vectrex controller ports. Not an "official" product, this recycled controller has a bit shaved off the plug which allows it to fit the Vectrex, and the buttons have been configured to play Vectrex games. The start button on the Genesis controller has been made to work as a Vectrex button. This review of the Vectrex Sega Genesis controller shows this controller being used to play several Vectrex games including Berzerk, Scramble, Web Wars, Solar Quest and Hyper Chase. The d-pad does not have analog controls so gameplay with games like Hyperchase that require Vectrex analog control don't work well.