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    Project Zomboid 2.0o crack new


    przez darksid16

    1 675 odsłon
    Download Here:

    This may only work for WinXP, I didn't tested if the folder on step 6 exists for WinVista and Win7

    1.Download Project Zomboid
    2.Download JRE 7
    3.Download Wamp Server 2
    4.Install Wamp Server 2
    5.Copy "www" folder to your wamp installed folder
    6.Open C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts with notepad (this file doesn't have extension, isn't a folder)
    7.Add "" on the line after the last line, without commas
    8.Set the "hosts" to read only
    9.Play the game with an username (if you put it empty, you will not be able to save game)

    If the game doesn't works, you can try copying the bat files to project zomboid folder and open one of they