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    Chen Guangcheng escape, possible F-16 sale to Taiwan rock US-China relations

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    US-China relations are in a lurch after high-profile Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng escaped to the US embassy and Washington announced it may sell F-16s to Taiwan — just days before a planned visit to Beijing by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner.

    Last week, Chinese lawyer and activist Chen Guangcheng, who is blind, climbed over his wall to escape from house arrest. Chen Guangcheng then somehow managed to get from Shandong province, all the way in eastern China, to Beijing, where the activist found refuge in the US embassy. Now the Obama administration has announced it is considering selling F-16C/D fighter aircraft to Taiwan. China is not happy.

    Should the US grant asylum to Chen? Should it sell new F-16s to Taiwan? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.